More than just a “Bookkeeper”…

Dustin Laverty, B.B.A. has most of the training a CPA requires which lends to his expertise as a bookkeeper. This helps him to have a great working relationship with your Accountant and ensure that the books he hands off are needing minimal review, saving you money.

Beyond that, his skills in Business Administration give him the ability to help consult you and your business from Start Up to Operations, or even to the Sale of your business if that is your goal. Eagle Eye Business Solutions are customizable to your business needs so you don’t have to second guess the way forward in business.

“I am a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor “Elite.” Though this isn’t the only program I use, most of my clients prefer it and enjoy discounts they can get through me on their subscriptions.”



We fulfill such tasks as recording transactions, managing accounts payable/ receivable, performing account reconciliations, inventory tracking, monthly reports, CRA representation, filing GST reports and more.

While you mange the day to day of your business, we take care of the tedious paperwork that keeps you from areas of your business where your expertise shines most.

Full Service Payroll

We take the hassle of managing payroll off your hands, making it easy for you to invest more time with your staff and business.

We can process payroll, file and pay payroll taxes, reconcile payroll liability accounts, issue T4’s and ROE’s, and process TD1’s among other things.

Projections & Evaluations

Eagle Eye Bookkeeping Kelowna likes to help you stay ahead of your business so you are more equipped to prepare for the future and realize your goals.

This is achieved as we prepare business analytics for potential projects, evaluate company goals in comparison to industry standards, as well as provide financial perspective aimed to increase likelihood of your business’s success.

Weekly Pickup Service

We offer a weekly pickup service to our clients, to eliminate the need for you to take time out of your busy schedule to get your documents to us.

Business Start Up Consulting

Starting your business the right way can save you lots of headaches in the future. We offer customized consultation and business solutions to help you get your business started correctly and help you streamline systems at the get go.

Business Solutions

Do you feel like your business could do better at maximizing profits? Eagle Eye Bookkeeping Kelowna offers business solutions and plans you can implement to gain more control on aspects of your business that will assist you in optimizing your businesses success.

Our Mission

To use a laid back atmosphere, effective communication and web based services to go above and beyond in aiding business owners to gain control of, and profit from, their business.

About Us

Dustin Laverty, BBA, Owner and Operator of Eagle Eye Bookkeeping Kelowna, was the President of the Okanagan College Accounting Club for 2 years during the 3rd and 4th year of his Bachelor of Business Administration while majoring in Accounting. His skills are beyond the basic fundamentals of Bookkeeping so he has a broader perspective on your businesses needs.

Some clients would describe him as a vastly “overqualified bookkeeper.” this give our bookkeeping company a special edge against our competitors because we know more in depth what your Accountant will be working on once we pass the books off to them at year end so we can ensure you are better prepared, saving your accountant from searching for what they need and saving you money.

Eagle Eye Bookkeeping Kelowna serves the Okanagan Valley with Bookkeeping, tax and payroll services. We pride ourselves on developing strong bonds with our clients and working with people whose businesses we are passionate about serving.

We specialize expertise in managing books for restaurants, breweries, businesses that sell controlled substances, as well as construction and other development companies.

While we enjoy working with small local businesses, we also enjoy our work with larger companies and all the challenges that provides. Whatever the business you are in, we work hard to maintain a strong and trusted relationship with our clients.

Work with us

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